Walking to school – father/spring blossom and Autumn leaves, snow blizzards, shadows in the sun, vit-c lozenge

Running, leapfrogging over gym ‘horse’

Playground Play - horses and houses with multiple corridors always in the same spot by the inner railings

Skipping Rope skipping

Dancing black cat – swinging long tail

Climbing frame - Spain – gouging skin out of hands by swinging on the bar – imaginary gymnast

Flying out of swing - Spain – uncle popping arm back into socket – I can’t understand them I don’t speak the language, my family are Catalans

Lagging behind dad - walking home from town

Heat the area of pain in my body – like a small animal

In the way of the hoover

Two fingers – jab and reveal Appendicitis

No flashing light or siren – too late in the evening – vomit all over

Mum - 2 am - trolly – dancing eyebrows above face mask – Black bag with tube – hard to breathe - Batman vision swirly 60’s eyes in the lift

Water and ice cubes

Bathtub – nailbrush – scrub harder

Art on the back in soap foam

Scum around the edges

Swing in the Park – very high, almost going over the top

Climbing – staircase bannister - up over – over and back down

Climbing wardrobe - flying/jumping off top onto mum and dad’s bed

Maypole – clog dancing – badminton – reaching – tapping - skipping

Yugoslav folk dance – candle dance, ht wax, chac chac – fast, steps, hopping, skipping

Library books on ballet – living room, holding the back of the dining chair - copying the positions

Dream of taking the ballet shoes on my feet in the dream back into waking life – awoke grasping my feet

It's a most unusual day - Feel like throwing my worries away - As an old native-born Californian would say

It's a most unusual day

Goose – in Mother Goose. Big flipper feet - of old carpet painted bright yellow. Pully at the back operating with left hand the beak – two pullys at the front (right and left hand) opening and closing the eyes

Running in flippers – funny – taking the last bow in spotlight

Running running running skipping skipping skipping jumping jumping jumping

Reaching reaching reaching

Sewing room – pins on floor - Stevie Wonder and Abba dance routines HEAD OVER HEELS

‘I had a very good friend’

Jacquie Pullen - Triplets to hill street blues

La Bouche – Oldham Library – The Oldham Rd, black and white photographic exhibition of boarded up shops and houses travelling from Oldham to Manchester

Jumping whilst kicking leg underneath and starfish hand on head

Mother not amused – pursed lips – hard lips

Paint – gymnasiums - Wildlife

Time out from school

Sheena Simon – Cunningham technique with Richard Alston, a piece that he didn’t choreograph much of

Dutiful Ducks – future teacher pre family

Work experience at 15 – standing in a circle with adults with learning difficulties – this was new