Sally, Kitty & Rach
& lots of robots
a hurly burly
a hiatus
a horror story
a contemplation
to rumination
the state of the nation
the place of the work the context
the ecology of thinking a cabin
a rock
a place
a situational present and presence a plonking
a disruption
an odd fit

a jarring
a miscalculation
the potential for a misdemeanor
the web of it
the thoughts
the richness of the weave provocations
a primary exploration
a practice for the holding space cycling
one still lake multiple reflections the chicken the egg
the silent question and the questioner tell
the story
ask me again
the place of the verbal
the moving question
the moving questioner and questionee

a-linear time
a-fixable presence
affirming time and place and 2 owls
grey feathered
black marks
4 hooves - not present flightless
in dusk
one chimney
fascination faint hearting fair falling
an igloo
a booth
a recess
a wigwam
a treehouse a temple
a whirlwind a tempest

building the new
celluloid film versus digital
the quality of that film takes us to a time and/or a place
Kitty dancing publicly
the private comes to the fore still, not static or fixed
crave or value the private
need the private to remain private to be able to be public
a roller
a Rolls Rolls Royce Rose Royce Roxanne green filters green vinyl the first human motion
mark out the space
planting deliberately
finding her own track that’s familiar

and temporally it is stretched slightly
rotating gently at axis points
that recall a track that is familiar - not entirely unknown time turns forwards and backwards - at the same time there is an ease
and the mechanics of the room bleed into the activity a split second of genetic identity
comes forward at the end when she is still
and when she is finding the ending happening
fizzing unexpectedly she is her world bow and arrow ready aim fire
there is a determined miniature car whirring close by and somehow, I think the small child who thinks he is radio controlling the car
is actually driving her at times - the radio signals
are crossing sleeping beauty slippery - well oiled traveling along traveling through traveling