My body
Is 1mm ahead of me
here-and-there, all-at-once
and the me-driver
my self
is perhaps metabloic
something like a human version of snake venom if it was extracted into
a glass
thick yellow liquid anyway
all my body all-at-once
all my past all-at-once
'all my lovers where there with me - all my past and all my future
..... and we all went to heaven in a little row boat'
7th Jan 2017 Silk Mill Derby
this is the version of now
this is the now ..... for now
for me it is not about the new but about the now ... paying attention
to the
right now
the past and the now, right now together in the now
and with the now, with it, is all of the past ... condensed
great vistas - carried in your pocket