Chac chac

Balance balance – rocking side to side with a syncopated bounce

Candles on palms – hot wax drip on hand

Head veil – moving – spiritual

Holding hands all night long in a winding circle

Trance – togetherness – belonging without speaking

Rocking – swaying – hopping

Blue velvet, red braid, twisted leather


Surge forward

 Surging sideways

Push and drive

Rushing with the accordion

But with very clear and pointed stamps – that said YES and HERE and NOW


Here now and yes this moment all together – doesn’t matter that we speak differently – I belong to this group


A syncopation

A silent rhythm

A way a carrying vibration and drive through the body

As a support

As a trigger

As a drive

And now calmly stepping via walking with ric – very tall

Standing next to height and it’s very calm

And fibernaci

A series of oiled arm rolls

Fists and forearm acting as cogs

Legs below underpinning straight down and planted

And there is a very faint musicality – quiet but oiled, sliding

It feels – proper

It feels ‘intellectual’

I like feeling ‘intellectual’

And then a stepping out pattern – bird like – stalk

And the stalk becomes a kind of wind turbine

And our arms still and straight and up but with momentary flickering signals

Again it feels ‘intellectual’

It feels like Cunningham

It feels intellectual ..


But it seems that it is also funny

And I don’t mind that its funny

I like that it feels intellectual and funny at the same time


And I remember laying carpet tiles wearing a skirt


I am remembering the woods

Beautiful day

Diana’s funeral – so surreal in some ways

Autumn – as leaves were on the ground – but a warm sunny autumn day



Walking in a concentric circle with the camera following

Happy then but also with a seed of doubt that this set up wasn’t good for me

Was kind enough – the transaction lacked …. Trust? Respect?


Arriving from Spain

Trying to be upbeat even though my heart had been broken

My value as a dancer shattered

And hiding it well –

Be funny be funny – wry – smart word play – intellectual but funny

But aching – but relieved to be with people who seemed nice