Broken toes, right foot

Fractured Spine, L5 – a constant

Quadratus lumborum – spasm

Trapezius - spasm

Pulled rib

Busted nose - on stage Riverside Studios

Chicken Pox – Lillian Bayliss,

General flu at various times – spinning snot usually a resulting feature

Sprained ankle - both at different times

Pulled right hip socket

Neck - left facet joints seized up regularly on tour 2002

Inflamed tendon, front of left shoulder (fainted whilst having hammer needle acupuncture combined with cupping, Taiwan - on stage 3 hours later)

Ripped left achilles tendon - onstage during premier in Italy

Both knees joints affected by withering of thigh muscles in the aftermath of above

Right piriformis/right SI joint – tightness/pain

When needed Paramol – brand of codeine that works (in combination with adrenaline) to take the edge off pain of above list