A List For Today - A Triptych:

A Monday

Can we begin now?


Where are we right now – what are we bringing to this


Moving as we do


What are we arriving with?

Arriving – carried/contained within




The light has dimmed and I am thinking of what happened in winter times

Back then


Cold studios

Empty spaces


It’s hard to remember sometimes

There is a pressure sitting here, typing


So I am recalling last night

That is as far back as I can manage right now

Switching positions

Heat shifting


Seeking a more comfortable position

Seeking a pressure that is more reassuring


It seems that this is quite


Full place to be right now

The solitude of the time to write the solitude of the time to open the book the solitude of the time to do or not do


If I had a pencil I would draw it putting in shade and dark & light – or would those be curtains….


Writing is a difficult thing to do when they’re talking- I wish they’d be quiet, but I will be quiet


What is quiet


Quiet is how you have to be when you do life modelling – in a black leotard a pair of tights – I was crap, but they gave me £12.00 & refreshments and all that time ago that was quite a lot of money


Is quiet the same as stillness but in a different scape?


Observing class when I had shin splits, 1985? Watching and writing benesh notation, stick people on lines. I lent a lot, I learnt that I don’t want to be a benesh notator.

Walk over

Talk over

An interview on the radio about some work I was doing – with Quick Shifts I think.

Trying my hand at stand up comedy, a couple of times, haven’t done it since (or not for money anyway).

Watching beautiful Balinese dance