Sunday’s Collection – a surprise

Peering in the dark; surprisingly pale blue, aqua, peach, watery yellow; absence of black


On the outside


Strangely smelling

A pot – small: fresh fruit

Squeaky floor

Thin curtains: which city light and dark shown on panels

Through the window

Small gestures


The mirror – hoping, discerning, deleting

Turning back

Dropping round

Catching pull away

a small puff of dust from the feet to the wrist

2 birds

one pigeon + the maggots


zero; four; nine; twelve; fifteen; twenty-one; twenty-two; twenty-seven; thirty-five; thirty-eight; forty; forty-two; forty-seven; forty-nine; fifty


novelty, thick, pastel, bold, striped, soft tops, gripping ankles, sliding in forcing out one birth near death – hold close – to me