An Objective List

Sad Café – on constant play in the smallest room at 10 Scholey Avenue – don’t move your feet or an arm will jump

One small beer at 8.15am – the café in Barcelona where we had breakfast number 2 – one sweet roll and a long black coffee

Weak sunshine

Large glasses – reflecting always - good

One silver head – a point of discussion

Two red and yellowed eyes – hopefully never discussed but maybe provoking disgust

One angel

Two platform shoes

A pair of white tights

Below a bouncing halo on Carre del Carme

A blue wax bowl, scooped out, light filled

Orange ones burning in the chilly field - a Norwegian tomato farm

The gas man

The farmer

The son

The past and the present overlooking the sea

The stink of the loo – poo & pee compost

One espresso – 3.15pm

Lunch - 11.45am, always

One man, spinning on his head



Ready to topple, cava-filled into the sea over the wall with Freddie and Montserrat

Past the big curve

Looping the loop

Doing the do

Small envelopes, long letters, a marathon

The diving board

Nameless books, nameless novels, misnamed garments, an armadillo, a carapace, a mistake

Kept, celebrated, a convent

Mister Sock-man