The Beginnings of a List (or a Listed Collection – the Backstory)

One birdcage – not real

Hand guards

Elastic braces


tea-bag died rags

a pierrot mask

red lipstick

red and black painted rags

blue wrapover – handed down

slouchy woolly warm up stuff – mulled wine & black

black tights – high waist

leotards – navy blue; royal blue; fuschia; black; turquoise (wrestler); red chevrons; bottle green velour; brown seal skin – Carita House

unitards – bright pink; black; navy blue; mid blue; jade green; ruched; unruched

hair like a mushroom, 2 flicks, always a fringe, number 2 (very short), wavy long, longer, curly, and grey – sometimes up, sometimes down


several houses

numerous theatres

outdoor sites

Japan; USA; Canada; France; Germany; Belgium; Norway; Sweden; Portugal; Slovenia; UK; Italy; India; Hungary; Ireland

On the tv, on film, live

A Persil box

Nicky S x 2


Jamie, Fiona – Poppy and a panda, Anton, Milly, the Reckless girls; Norwegian craziness


Contained within and without,



a vessel

A prism

A glass block

A shape shifter

Laughing – a lot