Being Unsure


Dark, torch, Jill Deacon

feeling versus knowing....

Wanting to bring in that section of jumping but knowing it didn't really work

Do we have the time to change?

Not wanting to offend but needing to be said

Small pain in left knee - how's that happened? - on the plane, the yoga, the work, the mat, the floor?

Holiday walking on Ikaria, getting lost, heat and heat stroke, T shirt on head

water on T shirt, red frog, black and red caterpillar, think I should climb the cliff to look for a path.

Waiting at the side to enter. Now? No. Now? No. Now? No. Now? Don't know. 

When is the right time? the last time? the next time? Do we have time?

Another gin or should we go?

Oooohing and aaaarhing!

It's make your mind up time.

Stay? Go?

My unsureness is generally to do with other people,