Joyous moments collection

In Kirsty Simson workshop with someone doing a duet and thinking that I think I have never felt happier when dancing. Absolute joy and elation and happiness.
Shaking, jiggling in unison, like chi quong
Lucia walker and scott clark workshop – funny old church hall near the place, got friendly with a woman who had half an index finger. We stood holding hands.
Measuring in Marfa
Stand up comedy moments – feeling like it’s working and liking it
Timing, beautiful and clever timing, feeling that sensation of joy
Steve Paxton
Renaissance, pete shenton, looking up at him in 90 degrees starting. Short sharp starts.

After dancing

So much.
paul douglas\
change what you do with your legs
into what?
Hooks and teaching and losing the CD of that track.
Music to be murdered by.
Brass bands.
Measuring in Marfa leads to dripping pepper leads to rosie lee and splitting hands as they approach the floor.
Diving, like diving.
White feathers, circles, shifting space and feathers,
9 women in white
saw a photo of this the other day, of me in it.
Handcuffs and washing up gloves
Terminus terminux – this is the end my friend.
Renaissance, cello and guitar and lip synching.
Lip sinking.
Washing up gloves.
White gloves used in a library for ancient texts,
White rabbits, a graduate who is a magician’s assistant
Don’t forget we can get up and dance to check stuff out in this moment
Recalling watching others,
Seats, red plush. hard backed, stacked
Stacked, stocked,
Four thirty, time for tea.
Garden party in the hot house, throwing cups at each other from behind from off the table, was never good at throwing but that was alright.
Cabbages, red blood, smashing like skulls
Short and punky, pvc skirt, feathers
Feathers feature
Swans and peacocks,
Leotards from primark and peacocks, good quality cotton and they wash ok too
Numerous leotards and tights and
All in ones
Pink, black (wore that one for my Leicester polytechnic audition with an elastic waist band),
Electric blue with one shoulder.
Air on a g string,
Air on very big pants.
Not able to dance with small briefs, I need a large pair that don’t wriggle around when bending over.
Big spender
Only have one or two
Fly and don’t know that you’re flying (paraphrased wildly!)
Don’t let the audience know that you are moving in a spiral, but move in a spiral

Looking at
Being watched
Watching others
Difficult to stop
Turning whriling dervishes
Are we just writing memories?
Tracing my preferences through trisha brown,
Loose limbed with clarity
Loving lines!!
Horizontal or vertical or diagonal and long and short and thin and fat
Dropping dancer off in the space
Sweeping, cleaning like a brush leaving bits of debris on the floor
A dance for radio
Can you see me, hear me? Do you need to?
Do I forget it? Sometimes…